Bond - recondition your own or get and exchange motor

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To recondition your own engine or get an exchange engine


i will try and cover this briefly

  • Long motor is everything from sump to rocker cover internally reconditioned
  • Full motor is a long plus all the extras that bolt on like pump , injectors, water pump , manifolds etc
  • Short motor is a long motor minus cylinder head and rocker gear ( hard for warranty )

An exchange engine will normally have a bond charged. This covers the engine reconditioner  or supplier for extras which may occur if the item that is returned is not reconditionable or servicable .

Some reconditioners  know if and engine type has a common fault, they will included the replacement item in there 1st price. I know of one engine builder who doesn't charge a bond but includes all the common replacement parts in his price. its seems expenses but there are no hidden charges. He works on a law of averages, some engines he has a profit and some he doesn't.

Other reconditioners will have a set price for their long motor and charge extra for these replacements. it starts of cheap or may stay cheap  but also could end up expensive

There are advantages and dis advantages in both ways. 

Extras charges that can occur on a long motor price

if you are getting your engine reconditioned there will be extras that could be charged depending on their price. Some reconditioners will absorb small amounts of profit for customer satisfaction. If the item is expensive  they all will charge. hopefully you will be advised of this 1st

Bond condition of sale:

A full deposit will be refunded if the exchange unit is identical make, model ,capacity and or construction to that supplied, if any  replacement /extra repair work listed below will be deducted from your bond. 

Cylinder block                                                                              

  • Parent bore in serviceable condition & specifications
  • All tunnels to be within manufactures specifications
  • Block not being cracked or damaged structural                   
  • Block to be with manufacture specs deck height etc
  • Camshaft, gears & lifters to be in serviceable condition                                  

Cylinder head

  • Not cracked, pitted & pressure tested ok
  • Valve seat springs to be in a serviceable condition & no Major inserting required.
  • O.h.c tunnels to be within manufactures spec`s
  • Rocker shaft, rockers  and push rods to be serviceable


  • Lectro magnaflux crack test ok
  • Thrust , nose & seal area to be ok
  • Will grind to max size of .030 u/s or less due to manufactures specs & recommendations on specific type.


  • Are straight or can be straighten
  • All tunnel sizes to be within specs for resizing
  • No excessive wear to sides of conrod

We always charge the cost price of the replaceable item and look for for 2nd hand items in good condition 1st before we buy new. We always have the option of the customer supplying his own replaceable item.

if you have any questions of unsure just email one of the team and will assist the best way we can.


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